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Discover marketing opportunities to reach the goals for your non-profit. 

Apply with Intently Collaborative for a free marketing needs assessment for your organization. Our needs assessment helps identify where the biggest opportunities are to match your goals. We’re here because we want you to succeed.

Valued at $900 the needs assessment includes:

  • Intake call for information gathering 

  • Site and marketing audit 

  • Keyword audit 

  • Light competitive audit

  • Synthesis of key takeaways

  • Recommendations prioritized for your success- focused on  low hanging items you can execute on your own. 

Tell us about yourself

Selections are made the 15th of each month. You only need to apply once and your non-profit will remain in our selection pool for 12 months. For questions contact us at:

Application for Needs Assessment

Thanks for applying. We will notify you and let you know if you are selected each month.

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